HPD’s 2022 Honda Civic Si Is a $55,000 Turnkey Race Car

Who would you trust more to prepare a Civic race car than Honda Performance Development itself?

byJames Gilboy|
HPD’s 2022 Honda Civic Si Is a $55,000 Turnkey Race Car

Honda Performance Development announced Wednesday a new turnkey race car based on the redesigned 2022 Honda Civic Si. It's a ready-to-race touring car, and it has already proven itself with a pair of race wins.

The 2022 HPD Civic Si FE1 is assembled by HPD itself, using a body-in-white (a bare unibody) diverted from the production line to the Performance Manufacturing Center in Marysville, Ohio, where the Acura NSX and PMC Edition models are built. There, HPD performs a sunroof delete, and throws out weight-adding road car comforts such as soundproofing, seam sealer, insulation, and underbody coating. Instead, it installs a full roll cage, a fuel cell, and "selected" safety parts to guarantee the driver's survival should the worst happen.

Then, of course, it gets to the fun stuff you look forward to using on the track. To the Civic Si's 1.5-liter L15CA turbo-four, HPD affixes a strengthened six-speed manual transmission, built to take the strain of track use. The engine itself runs on Motec electronics (top-of-the-line stuff), and breathes through a performance exhaust, providing momentum to carry the car through corners on enhanced suspension.

HPD doesn't say exactly what it changed, but it's evidently working as the test car has taken a pair of wins and multiple class podiums in the TC America Series.

The HPD Civic Si will sell for $55,000, and requires a $25,000 deposit, with deliveries beginning in November. Looks like Honda wants the glory to belong to itself for the 2022 season, and you can't blame it in the slightest.

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