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The 2023 Ford Ranger’s Interior Looks Way Better Than the Old One’s

The outgoing Ford Ranger's interior wasn't a happy place, making the new one all the more welcome.

Even upon introduction to the United States, the current “T6” Ford Ranger was lambasted for its antiquated interior. By the time we got it as a 2019 model, the truck was already eight years old, having been in production since the first Obama administration. But its replacement, the 2023 Ford Ranger, is finally coming with an all-new interior, which while vaguely reminiscent of the old truck is vastly improved in some ways—though slightly worsened in others.

The new Ranger’s interior was first fully shown off in November, but has become the subject of renewed focus as of Tuesday, with the reveal of the U.S.-bound Ranger Raptor. Obviously, its styling is all-new for this new decade, though its layout like the Biden administration hasn’t fundamentally changed the structure of what preceded it. Its knobs, shifter, and vents are in the same place as almost any vehicle, as is this nouveau silliness that is its 12-inch touchscreen, enlarged from the T6’s eight-inch screen with ancient software. This screen hosts the truck’s drive mode controls (formerly found on the center console), while the new 12.4-inch digital gauge cluster replaces one with an analog speedometer—not a switch that’ll be universally welcome.

2022 Ford Ranger Tremor Lariat, Ford

What all new Ranger owners will appreciate, though, is the truck’s greatly enhanced interior storage. The door pockets are larger, there’s a second glove compartment hidden in the upper half of the dash, and like the Maverick and F-Series, the rear seats flip up to reveal storage bins.

Until one of us gets our hands on a 2023 Ranger, we won’t know for sure if Ford has improved on the build quality and materials over the outgoing truck. Even top-trim Lariat models with loads of leather didn’t feel like nice places to sit, largely on account of the dated design, but the leather itself wasn’t much to write home about. We probably won’t need to wait long, either, as the new Ranger is confirmed to enter production in Thailand this year. And if the new, Ranger-based Bronco is anything to go by, the new Ranger will be a welcome step forward to Ford’s build quality.

2023 Ford Ranger XLT, Ford

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