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Wild Video Shows Ford Ranger Drifting Out of Control, Crashing Into Cars on LA Streets

After leaving behind a trail of destruction, an innocent bystander punched the reckless driver in the face. And it was all caught on video.

A wild video shows an out-of-control Ford Ranger driver slamming into parked cars and burning rubber in a crowded intersection. According to FOX 11, no injuries to innocent bystanders were reported, but the reckless driver left a hefty trail of destruction.

The driver of the Ford Ranger, 75-year-old Jose Landazure, allegedly lost control of his pickup on Sunday afternoon in Huntington Park, California. Video captured by bystanders and a nearby security camera show the pickup careening out of control, crashing into multiple parked vehicles and speeding through an intersection.

Bystanders begin filming immediately after the Ranger rear-ends a white Ford Escape. Following the initial crash, it continues spinning its tires and spewing white smoke from the burning rubber until the driver throws it in reverse. The Ranger immediately slingshots backward in an uncontrolled U-turn and strikes multiple vehicles in a nearby parking lot.

Shortly thereafter, the truck once again lurches forward and plows into the Escape, but this time with enough force to send it hopping over the curb. This was finally enough to stop the Ranger in its tracks. In total, police say that four vehicles were struck by the out-of-control pickup.

Local news reports that despite the dramatic display only the driver of the Ranger was injured, but that may not have been because of the accident. Another video clip shows the truck finally coming to rest and a bystander reaching into the window to punch the man in the face.

The driver was released at the scene after refusing medical treatment, though local reports claim that he was eventually taken to the hospital by his family. Police say that although they are still investigating the incident, they have ruled out alcohol as playing a factor in the mayhem.