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You Can Build Your Own Ranger Raptor With These New Ford Performance Parts

These Fox Racing shocks and leveling kit derived from the big-boy Raptor can now be installed in the midsize Ranger.

In the land of the forbidden fruit, we may not be able to buy a Ford Ranger Raptor directly from the factory, but thanks to a newly released parts catalog now we can buy a Ranger modified by Ford Performance. The result? A capable midsize truck that looks and feels like its meaner counterpart.

Disguised as a leveling kit, the Ford Performance suspension kit for the Ranger raises the front end of the truck by two inches in order to give it a leveled look. In addition to the cosmetic appearance of the leveling kit, Fox Racing shocks optimized and tuned by Ford Performance help boost actual performance on and off the road. These are the same units that come stock in the actual Ranger Raptor, which owes a large chunk of its off-road prowess to its suspension setup.


The new coilover springs for the Ranger have a revised spring rate that’s optimized for off-road abuse. Vehicle-specific upper front mounts with polyurethane bushings work to help isolate noise and vibration, improving the ride when on the road. This means a nice and soft ride on the highway, but a controlled and sharp-handling feel on the trails.

Because Ford Performance developed and tuned this setup specifically for the midsize truck, it’ll be closer to an original Ranger Raptor experience than any other off-the-shelf kit the aftermarket has to offer. Plus, the upgrade comes with a limited parts warranty, which is always nice to have from the automaker.

But as the famous Billy Mays would say, “Wait! There’s more!” If you don’t have a Ranger and still might be interested in a kit like this, Ford is also making it available for the F-150. It uses the same equipment, meaning you can add Ford-tuned Fox suspension to your non-Raptor truck. It’s not a trick as the new LiveValve system, but it would definitely make a nice upgrade to a standard FX4 truck.

The kits will be available for order later this fall and are designed to be installed by the dealer. Pricing for the upgrade is set at $1,495 before installation.