Galpin Is Selling These 2019 Ford Ranger Raptor Pickup Truck Kits for $13,950

Looking for some enhanced off-road capability for your new Ranger? Check out Galpin's Ranger X.

Galpin Auto Sports, one of America’s largest Ford tuning dealerships, is applying its knowledge and expertise to the new Ford Ranger midsized pickup. Called the Ranger X, the go-anywhere truck has enhanced off-road capability and what we’d expect from Ford’s own Ranger Raptor which is, sadly, going to be forbidden fruit here in the States.

The truck features a ProComp leveling kit and 17-inch wheels with ProComp all-terrain tires. Further aesthetic touches come via the Ranger Raptor grille and Ford Accessories fender flares. Addictive Desert Design provides the front and rear bumpers, and Rigid Industries is on board with a flush-mounted lightbar.

Buyers can also expand on the base Ranger X with better brakes, interior updates, or even a high-end stereo.

“The Ford Ranger is a legendary truck and with its reintroduction to the U.S. market last year we thought that this was the perfect time to do something special. It was time to Galpinize,” said Beau Boeckmann, president of Galpin Motors. “Our team at Galpin Auto Sports took an already great truck and enhanced its capabilities to provide customers with additional off-road readiness, all with a dealership warranty.”

It should be noted that the Ranger X doesn’t have any upgrades to the stock 2.3-liter EcoBoost four-cylinder engine. It makes 270 horsepower and 310 pound-feet of torque. That performance is best-in-class for gasoline torque, but for the visual upgrades to the truck, it’d be nice to see some extra power added to the equation.

If you’re looking for some upgrades to the off-road capability of your Ranger and are disappointed that Ford has yet to offer the Ranger Raptor in the United States, the Ranger X package from Galpin might be what you’re looking for. All of the upgrades in this package are covered by the dealership warranty as well.

The Ranger X package starts at $13,950, not including the price of the new Ranger, and you can order it now.