2020 Troller T4 Is the Ford Ranger-Based Off-Roader We Can’t Get in the US

The Ford-owned automaker essentially makes Brazil's version of the Bronco.

Brazilian automaker Troller just revealed an updated version of its sweet-looking T4 off-roader. Never heard of the Troller T4? You’re not alone, because the automaker only builds and sells the T4 in Brazil, despite being owned by Ford Motor Company. A

Fordlandia side project, perhaps?

The rugged T4 is based on the global Ranger platform and boasts a boxy and purpose-built design, which helps it off-road through Brazil’s untamed terrain with ease. For 2020, the Troller gets slight styling updates, but most importantly, a new range of bright and eye-popping colors. The boxy T4 received a shortened variant in 2018 in order to make it even more agile than its long-wheelbase sibling.


Under the hood, there’s a 3.2-liter turbocharged diesel engine that makes 197 horsepower and 347 pound-feet of torque, which pairs to a six-speed manual transmission and an old-school, manual 4×4 system with high and low ranges. It has a locking rear differential, and much like the Suzuki Jimny, the T4 rocks all the right specs for a good ol’ time away from civilization.

As mentioned above, Troller Veiculos Especialis, otherwise known as Troller, is owned by Ford but only makes and sells the little utility vehicle in Brazil, where the company is based. Perhaps we’re lusting over the T4 because it’s forbidden fruit that we have no hope of importing anytime soon, or perhaps we’re seriously charmed by this feisty little thing—unfortunately, we won’t know anytime soon.

And last but not least, doesn’t the T4’s silhouette look awfully close to what Ford teased as the upcoming Bronco last year?

h/t: Top Gear