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Retracted Leak Says ‘Mustang-Inspired’ Electric Ford SUV Will Offer RWD-Only Option

"Mustang-Inspired" might have some meaning after all.

In a now-retracted passage of a tandem release with Ford about their fast-charge network alliance, Electrify America seems to have accidentally revealed that the Blue Oval’s “Mustang-inspired” electric crossover—possibly named the Mach E—will be released in late 2020 with a rear-wheel-drive-only version to match its pony car muse.

According to the original text of Electrify America’s release, which we captured in a screenshot, Ford is targeting an EPA-estimated range of 300 miles “with an extended battery and rear-wheel drive.” That specificity, and the fact it would only make sense for an electric SUV to sport a dual-motor powertrain for all-wheel drive, suggests that the EV will offer either a RWD-only model or at least the option to completely deactivate the front axle motor. The phrasing also points to at least two different battery capacities on deck.

Electrify America via The Drive

When The Drive reached out to Ford to verify Electrify America’s release, the latter company quietly deleted the extended battery and rear-drive line. In addition to the screenshot above, the detail is still preserved on the version hosted by PR Newswire. Ford has yet to answer our request for comment.

These details corroborate those presented by an alleged Ford engineer in a leak this past April. The person claimed that the Mach E is “definitely coming in the second half of 2020,” and that there’d be a version capable of traveling over 300 miles on a full charge. Today’s development lends credence to their other assertions; they say the Mach E will look more like a Jaguar I-Pace coupe-over than a Ford Escape, and will cost approximately the same as the Tesla Model Y—roughly between $40,000 and $60,000 depending on selected battery, motor, and trim level. 

Like the Model Y, the fastest Ford Mach E is speculated to do zero-to-60 mph in 3.5 seconds or less. We probably won’t see that from the long-range model, as that kind of acceleration will likely come from twin-motor all-wheel drive, but every Mach E should be quick nonetheless. Expect similar specs with an emphasis on luxury from the Mach E’s fraternal Lincoln twin, which is also expected to debut next year.