Mustang-Inspired Mach E, Other Ford EVs Will Charge on Electrify America Network

Ford confirmed an alliance with America’s biggest, independent fast-charger network.

byJames Gilboy| UPDATED Oct 17, 2019 1:15 PM
Mustang-Inspired Mach E, Other Ford EVs Will Charge on Electrify America Network

Electrify America announced Thursday that it formed an alliance with Ford to guarantee the compatibility of its network of fast-charging stations with the Blue Oval's upcoming line of electric vehicles (EVs), of which the Mustang-inspired crossover Mach E will be part of. Although not mentioned in the press release, the upcoming Ford F-150 electric pickup truck will most likely be covered by this agreement.

Electrify America is the United States' biggest "brand-neutral" (although it is funded by VW's massive dieselgate fine purse) charging network as opposed to the Tesla-only Supercharger Network and is spending $2 billion on constructing 800 charge stations nationwide by the end of 2021. By this time, Electrify America aims to have 3,500 individual chargers online in 45 states, 29 cities, and along two trans-American routes.

"We are excited to be working with Electrify America given its powerful public charging network and impressive plans for expansion," stated Ford's director of EV services, Matt Stover. "As part of our $11.5 billion investment in global electric vehicles, we are always working to differentiate our offerings for customers and look forward to providing owners with a premium charging experience and convenient access to Electrify America's comprehensive network."

Automakers whose customers will rely on Electrify America stations for long-distance trips include Ford, Audi, Porsche, and Volkswagen. As far as the Mustang-inspired Mach E crossover, Ford plans for range-maximizing variants potentially called "GT," to have an EPA-estimated range of at least 300 miles. We can likely expect a similar performance of the electric F-150 pickup truck, which is expected to launch as soon as a year after the Mach E, or in late 2021.