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Ford Thinks It’s Fine to Serve Buffalo Wings in the Frunk of a Mustang Mach-E

The future is now, old man.

America’s annual excuse to pig out on hot wings and potato skins might be over, but Ford decided today was the day to remind everyone of all the tasty treats that can be served out of the electric Mustang Mach-E’s drainable, plastic-lined front trunk. Drinks on ice? Sure. Shrimp on ice? Uh, ok. A gigantic pile of greasy Buffalo chicken wings? What?


Measuring 4.8 cubic feet, the electric Ford’s frunk can be filled with ice to convert it to a 36-gallon cooler that you don’t have to lug around by hand. At the end of the day, a drain plug lets you drain and dry out the plastic compartment. A little gimmicky, sure, but admittedly kinda cool. So Ford asks, why stop there?

As a result, the people in these marketing photos, which were uploaded to Ford’s official media site today, exist in a parallel world where it’s a completely normal thing to fill the frunk of your electric vehicle with raw shellfish on ice and serve it to your friends. All that wet seafood, surrounded by surfaces that are never cleaned…Prawns marinated in eau de Ford plastiques is a Dearborn delicacy, we hear.

The look on this lady’s face says it all., Ford

Too cold out for the portable raw bar? Take it one step further with hot food, like the 20 pounds of Buffalo wings Ford dumped into the Mach-E’s frunk without so much as a piece of wax paper or foil betwixt chicken and cargo liner. Funnily enough, Ford reminds folks who do this to open up that drain cap and hose things down when they’re done as if anyone who actually eats chicken out of the front of their car isn’t too busy having fun for that nonsense.


Look, Ford, we get it. The EV market is a new and scary place and that other EV maker makes headlines all the time for its quirky easter eggs and even quirkier head honcho. How about we focus on improving things that really matter like range and charge times and leave the Buffalo wing bins for Coleman to figure out?

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