Help Us Solve the Mystery of this Fox-Body Ford Mustang Limo Rotting in a Field

We’ve come up empty in our search for the story of this odd stallion—but maybe you know more.

byChris Teague|
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Who doesn't love an obscure car-find? We do, whether it's an off-road-inspired VW Golf or a private jet turned into a limousine, we're all for it. In this case, however, we came across something so obscure that we're having a hard time tracking down details: an abandoned 1987 Ford Mustang limousine with a mega wing that's rotting in a field somewhere.

The photos you see here were shared by the Fox Body Addicts Facebook group back in April 2018. When we reached out, the group handler told The Drive that the images originally came from a sales ad, but could not provide key details like where or when that ad ran. Further research of the Fox body limo led us to the oddly-titled 1995 movie The Jerky Boys, where it made a brief appearance before disappearing into oblivion once more. A few shaky stories about it popped up on Facebook later, with people claiming to have known the car's owners, but we weren't able to verify any of them. 

The sad photos show the limo was parked at some point to begin its new chapter as a yard ornament for a neglectful owner. As bad as the outside looks, the interior doesn’t appear to be in terrible shape, aside from some stray parts strewn about and a thick layer of dust. The grey leather appears to be intact and the aftermarket embroidered headrests that show the logo of the band Deftones instead of the legit Mustang logo (it's the small details, ya know?) are still sharp. Heck, much like in the Maserati limo we recently came across, there’s even a TV with what appears to be an aftermarket head unit stacked under the bar. 

We don’t know if the car is still in its rural resting place or even if it’s still in one piece. The photos you’re seeing here date back at least three years, and there has been no update on its condition or location since then. Have you seen the car or know someone who's had contact with it? You know who to call.

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