These Strange Scooters Are Handcrafted From Classic Volkswagen Beetle Fenders

If Volkswagen built a Motocompo in the ’60s, this is how it’d look.

byRob Stumpf|
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It's not unheard of to re-purpose parts from an old car to build some sort of Frankenstein creation. From engine swaps to sheer abominations, some of the most unique contraptions developed by car enthusiasts and fabricators have started out life by making two unlikely parts fit together like a glove.

Meet Brent Walter, Volkswagen Beetle lover and scooter connoisseur. Over the past few months, Walter's Instagram account has been booming in views as he posts the progress of one of the most unique and eye-catching builds of 2019: the Volkspod.

Handcrafted by Walter, the Volkspod is the name given to a hip two-wheeled creation birthed by sacrificing four Volkswagen Beetle fenders to the moped gods. The bulbous pair of motorbikes are constructed via countless hours of welding and metal shaping over top of a hand-built frame.

And while the Volkspod is a creation unlike anything else on the road, it still feels strangely familiar.

The iconic post-war styling of the VW Type 1's fenders can still be seen in the profile of the bike's outer metal shell, paying perfect homage to the large, monocle-like headlight sourced from the Beetle, as well as the stubby rear tail light. It's such a simple concept executed under the keen craftsmanship of a man whose family history of scooting predates even his father.

So far, Walter has built two different examples of the Volkspod, both of which are coated in shades of paint to match their Volkswagen heritage. The birch green example is equipped with a 79cc powerplant, while the pastel blue variant (which Walter calls "Version 2") supposedly has a stouter 6.5-horsepower engine in place.

The sight itself of a fender rolling down the road is bizarre, and that's what makes this idea so unique. It's creative, it's different—what's not to love?

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