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This Vintage Plymouth and Ford Mustang Mashup Is What Nightmares Are Made of

Whatever this dude was on, the end result is not pretty. Not by a country mile.

A car compiled by a Ford Mustang SN95 and a 1950 Plymouth has surfaced for sale in Connecticut, arguably combining two rides from two different worlds into a single atrocious vehicle.

Posted for sale to Facebook Marketplace by a man who says he isn’t the owner, this vehicle is part Ford and part Plymouth, with no discernible boundary between the two. Most of its body is Plymouth in origin, save for the out-of-place Mustang taillights, and the SN95 fascia hatching from where Plymouth headlights once shined. It’s like that scene from Alien, but somehow even less appropriate for children.


Underneath, however, things are mostly Mustang. Opening the hood reveals an intake manifold that belongs to the advertised 5.0-liter Ford V8, one that in the Mustang GT made 215 horsepower and 285 pound-feet of torque. This engine is linked to the wheels via an unspecified automatic transmission—likely the four-speed AODE from the Mustang, as the Plymouth original presumably isn’t up to the task.


Contrary to the ad’s claim that the interior is gold, it’s a color that every member of a class of kindergarteners would call beige. The interior also comes from the Mustang, which is a strange choice given that the old-school Plymouth interior would’ve been a fitting and unique choice.


Again, it’s tough to tell whether this car is more Plymouth or Ford. Going by the side profile, our guess would be that a Plymouth body—whose corresponding frame was too rusty to use—was dropped over the top of a Mustang with roof damage, which might explain the eerie SN95 proportions below the car’s windows.

If for some reason you want to buy this example of man’s folly, its asking price is $5,500. We know that money can’t buy taste, so why try?