2023 Toyota Supra’s Six-Speed Manual Is a No-Cost Option

The new Supra costs the same regardless of whether you get two pedals or three.

byVictoria Scott|
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Victoria Scott


The much-heralded three-pedal Supra is making its way to dealers, and at long last we know how much it's going to cost buyers: Nothing extra (at least, from the factory). Pricing information released last week by Toyota confirms that the six-speed will be a no-cost option over the standard 8-speed ZF-sourced automatic transmission.

Despite the six-speed manual's status as an option, it'll be no extra cost for buyers to select; the Base 3.0L trim will be $53,595 (all prices after $1,095 destination), and the Premium will cost $56,745, no matter which transmission they're spec'd with. The special-edition A91, which is a limited-production trim that gets a carbon-fiber body kit and exclusive wheels, only offers a manual transmission and clocks in at $59,440.

The fifth-generation Supra was introduced in 2020 as a resurrection of the sports-coupe nameplate dating all the way back to the late 70s, but it only was offered with an eight-speed automatic. Since January, however, The Drive has reported that a manual would be making its way to the States, and now pricing information is available. While the 3.0-liter Supra was initially released with a sub-$50K sticker, it's no longer possible to score one under that price without switching to the less-powerful 2.0-liter inline four version, which now starts at $44,635 for the 2023 model year. Unfortunately, that version does not offer a manual transmission. Buyers there will need to be content with the eight-speed automatic.

This is all MSRP, of course, and it's anyone's guess what these new three-pedal Supras will actually cost once they hit dealer lots and markups are applied. Only 6,830 Supras were delivered in 2021, and it's likely that limited supply combined with what will surely be a low number of manuals built overall could conspire to make the manual Supra a much, much more expensive proposition.

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