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This May Be One of the Rarest Toyota Supras on Earth

Save for a few quirks, it's the ideal touring car.

We don’t see too many factory-built one-off vehicles—aside from high-end stuff like Ferrari and Lamborghinis—so when something a little more “down to earth” pops up it always makes us happy. Take this Toyota Supra, for example, whose Solar Yellow paint job and an aerotop (targa) option make it a true factory-built one of one. Oh, and it’s also for sale—but you’ll have to go Down Under to get it.

We’ve seen prices for unmodified Supras heading north for years now, but they’ve only recently grown to the point that only the most serious collectors can afford them. This car might seem like a steal at just $42,000, but once shipping and import costs are paid that number will grow considerably. 

The car has been verified by The Supra Registry as a one-of-one creation. The Registry built its database using Toyota’s production data for every Supra ever made and has verified thousands of individually owned cars to date and it confirms that this yellow Supra is one of just a handful with that color on the list and the only with said options. According to the sleuths over on Supra Forums, Solar Yellow was never offered on a Supra in North America, and was only sprayed onto cars destined for the Japanese domestic market (JDM). Cars with the aerotop option were quite popular, though, so it’s not all that hard to find one for sale.  

As cool as all of that is, there’s one big problem: It’s got an automatic transmission. Sure, it could be swapped for a manual, but who’s going to tear into their one-of-one car with a Sawzall to change it? Most of the yellow cars in the Registry have automatic transmissions as well, as only two on the list left the factory with either a five- or six-speed gearbox.

The seller, All Street, told The Drive that his plans to sell the car may change in light of fluctuating currency exchange rates, saying that he’s already turned down at least one offer. The Australian currency has tanked in the last few days, much of which is a response to the current coronavirus crisis that is sweeping the world. Once things calm down, though, this would be an excellent everyday cruiser for someone wanting a unique ride.

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