Learn How Santa’s Sleigh Helps Deliver Christmas Presents Around the World In One Night

Take a look at why Santa Claus has the fastest vehicle on the planet.

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Donut Media has been putting out consistent content for its video series Everything You Need to Know | Up to Speed. It has covered the Nissan Skyline, Toyota Supra, DeLorean, Lancer, Grand National, BMW M3, and even recently branched away from cars to feature a race series like Group B. For its most recent video, Donut Media has outdone themselves by covering Santa's sleigh. 

Donut Media's host James Pumphrey takes his job seriously. He takes you back to Santa's beginning in the time of the Vikings when Santa was road an eight-legged horse and went by Odin. Yes, the same Odin that's Thor and Loki's father. Eventually, through history, he became known as Santa. 

Population growth caused Santa to need a vehicle. In 1821, the world got its first look at Santa's vehicle—his sleigh—via a poem that was written. According to Pumphrey and his researchers at Donut Media, the sleigh was made out of the soft wood, poplar. It had valor seats and carpet, multiple coats of paint, and the runners were made out of tungsten. The sleigh was so light it was pulled by one reindeer. Eventually Santa added seven more reindeer to his drivetrain to increase the power. 

Over the course of 150 years, there have been very few changes to Santa's Sleigh. In 1890, the sleigh obtained a more aerodynamic nose. In 1904, a two-way radio with the North Pole was added. In 1939, perhaps the Sleighs best non-factory option was added—Rudolf and his red nose. Around the time of the Cold War, Santa equipped stealth technology to stop any risk of starting a world war, but he eventually turned it off to appear on radar and let everyone know he is up there working hard to deliver presents. 

To achieve his deliveries the Sleigh is thought to be powered by an antimatter drive reactor that powers a stardust propulsion unit that puts out speeds of an estimated 650-miles per second.

Check out Donut Media's Santa's Sleigh video below. 

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