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Listen to the Toyota Supra GT300 Prototype Rip Around Fuji Speedway

That doesn't sound like a six-cylinder.

The latest Toyota GR Supra is gearing up for its next big motorsports debut as YouTube channel nenkatsu recently caught one of its racing prototypes driving angrily around the iconic Fuji Speedway. All we have to say is: listen to it roar!

The first batch of new production Supras may still just be getting into the hands of some lucky private owners, but with performance engineering backed by Toyota’s in-house Gazoo Racing team, it was only a matter of time until the Supra began showing up for some motorsport duty—especially since it was pretty much built with GT racing in mind.

Destined to race in Japan’s premier racing class, the new Supra race car is under development to compete in the GT300 series rather than the FIA GT3 class. According to DailySportsCar, this means that engineers are required to virtually retain the car’s original shape, but they pretty much have free reign to tweak the body’s aerodynamics, chassis, suspension, and drivetrains to their liking—unlike the FIA GT3 regulations that limit these parameters.

It clearly shows that the Supra’s overall profile remains with the GT300 prototype, but with significantly more aggressive aerodynamic bodywork, a massive rear spoiler, and widened axles. You can hear in the YouTube video, however, that a high-performance V8  appears to lurk under the hood, instead of the production vehicle’s BMW-sourced turbocharged inline-six.

The Supra GT300 apparently followed in the footsteps of the more powerful Supra GT500 built for the Super GT class next year, joining the Supra GT4 as the third motorsports variant of the Japanese auto giant’s factory-built race cars. The GT300 is anticipated to make its official racing entrance at the Autobacs Super GT Series in 2020 led by the Saitama Toyopet GreenBrave racing team.

You can watch the video here