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Florida Toyota Dealer Selling 2020 Supra With Outrageous $40,000 Markup

An Al Hendrickson Toyota salesperson confirmed to us that it's most definitely charging a fully-loaded Camry's worth over the Supra's MSRP.

Considering how long folks have waited for the 2020 Toyota GR Supra, we can’t exactly say we didn’t see this coming. Toyota dealerships across the country are finally getting their hands on the new sports car and—surprise surprise—some are slapping on serious markups. In the case of Al Hendrickson Toyota in Coconut Creek, Florida, it’s $40,000 serious.

Initially brought to our attention via Instagram, the Florida Toyota dealer appears to be selling a Supra with a whopping $40,000 “Market Value Adjustment,” a fact confirmed to The Drive via phone call with one of Al Hendrickson’s salespeople.

With the base Supra officially starting at $49,990, this Florida dealership is selling the much-hyped Toyota for almost double its MSRP and for nearly the same price as Toyota’s own Lexus LC 500, a $92,000 luxury coupe with a 471-horsepower V8 under the hood. 

I mean, you could buy an entirely separate new car for the 40 grand you’d plonk down on just the markup alone. Relatively nice ones too, like the fully loaded Camry sitting across from the Supra on the showroom floor. Or a 460-hp Ford Mustang GT. Or, provided you can evade its own dealer markups, a Honda Civic Type R. 

Unfortunately, this isn’t the first, only, or most egregious instance of Supra price-gouging and it certainly won’t be the last. Tire Meets Road apparently spotted Larry H. Miller Toyota Colorado Springs selling their non-Launch Edition cars for a whole $50,000 over sticker while Toyota of Cool Springs Tennessee was generous enough to only add $25,000 to its sale price. And we thought the $20,000 markups on Jeep Gladiators were bad.

Happy bidding shopping.