Watch This IMSA Driver Make The Save Of His Career at Watkins Glen

Keep calm and countersteer on.

At the Sahlen’s Six Hours of Glen last weekend, IMSA Prototype pilot Gustavo Yacaman found himself in, and luckily wiggled his way out of, a hairy situation in a crowded field. He was working to maneuver through traffic and squeeze past a pair of competitors who slammed on their brakes, causing Yacaman to lock up and spin 90 degrees towards the grass. High speeds sent him sailing sideways, but somehow, he never left the tarmac and was able to regain traction, and the car steered itself straight without issue — how does something like this happen?

This all happened fairly early in the race, and it set the tone for the rest of Yacaman’s day behind the wheel of his IMSA car.

The driver was pretty vocal about the event, calling it “THE biggest save” of his career. Immediately after the race, he reached on Twitter to get a video of the heroic recovery.

Thankfully for him (and for you), his team was able to dig up the helmet cam footage, giving us insight to the save through Yacaman’s point of view.

If this isn’t enough to make you pucker up, then perhaps you should ditch Gran Turismo and join the Big Leagues. Even Yacaman was spooked, but eventually felt more like a superhuman than anything.

Though he could count on his lucky stars to save him from a major crash, they weren’t enough to win him the race. Regardless of final standings, Yacaman’s surely happy with living to see another starting grid.

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