This Has To Be The Coolest Wheelchair Storage Device Ever

It essentially turns your car into the Batmobile.


Sometimes we take a lot for granted, one being the ability to walk. Millions of people across the globe are not able to do so and have to live life in a slightly modified fashion. Fortunately there are companies like Wymo that make the wheelchair hoist. This clever device hitches onto a standard roof rail and transforms your car's roof into a wheelchair storage unit. As you can see in the video below, the operator collapses the wheelchair, tethers it to a winch and the system pretty much does the rest.

This is an alternative to the trailer hitch rack and possibly more efficient since it does not require a second person to take th wheelchair from its own and bring it to the back of the vehicle. Instead, the individual in the wheelchair can sit in the driver's seat and operate the system with relative ease before continuing on their journey.

The Wymo Wheelchair hoistis currently on sale in Australia and other parts of the world.