2020 Toyota Supra Crashes Into Guardrail While Testing at Nurburgring

Supra: 0 – Nurburgring: 2

byRob Stumpf|
Toyota News photo

It's official, the first unmasked 2020 Toyota Supra crash has taken place, and it happened on the world-famous Nurburgring. The credit goes to engineers testing the new A90 Supra on the Nordschleife, and which resulted on the Supra's pretty and aerodynamic face being crushed beyond recognition.

The all-new Supra was photographed on the track at Industry Pool on May 7, claimed by the Gods somewhere along the 5.6-mile stretch known as Ex-Mühle. Surprisingly, this is actually the second crash of a camouflaged A90 Supra to occur on the Nurburgring, the first of which happened late last year on the 12.4 miles straight known as Döttinger Höhe. 

Because the accident occurred during Industry Pool, this means that the car belonged to Toyota and was being tested in a professional manner. No private owner has had the pleasure of owning one of Toyota's brand new flagship sports cars just yet, meaning that we're still looking forward to hearing about the first privately owned Supra being crashed.

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This particular area of the 'Ring has a rather sharp corner known as the "Junek Bend," named after Vincent Junek who perished in the stretch during an accident in 1928. Toyota has been vocal about tuning the suspension of the Supra to differ from the BMW Z4—which shares the same platform—though like many cars that crash at the 'Ring it doesn't fare too well for the automaker's bragging rights in the turning department.

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Only two photos exist of the accident, one of the Supra missing its front bumper cover and another of the car being loaded into an enclosed car carrier. Unfortunately, neither of these include details about how the crash occurred, nor other pertinent details. The Facebook page which published the photos does often post videos of interesting vehicles crashing on its YouTube channel, so it's possible that more information will be divulged later on.