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This 2020 Toyota Supra Convertible Is Actually an Old Lexus Underneath

With its turbocharged 2JZ and true Japanese roots, this might be more of a Supra than the new MkV will ever be.

Since Toyota has yet to offer a convertible variant of the 2020 Supra, a group of Japanese tuners decided to take matters into their own hands, building what appears to be MkV Supra with the roof chopped off. Instead of, y’know, grabbing a MkV Supra and removing its roof or using the car’s pre-chopped BMW Z4 platform-mate as a base, this car is actually a second-generation Lexus SC430 under the skin, a not-so-sporty luxury cruiser Lexus sold from 2001 to 2010 that happens to feature a retractable hardtop.

With the body panels of the new Supra and a widebody kit grafted on, this Dubya-era Lexus also received Lamborghini-style doors that open upward, a Paul Walker-inspired orange paint job, and—yes—a glorious, turbocharged 2JZ under the hood apparently making 600 horsepower. Throw in the fact that the Lexus SC’s predecessor shared a platform with the iconic MkIV Supra and one could argue that this car is more of a Supra than the new, BMW-based version ever was or will be.

Notably, it doesn’t look like this particular shop is any stranger to…unorthodox Toyota builds. Peep the 86-faced sedan that appears in the background of this video at around 1:50.

This unique Supra is scheduled to make an appearance at the 2020 Tokyo Auto Salon that kicks off this Friday, giving them time to apply the green and silver body graphics and big wing included in the Fast & Furious vehicle that made this car famous almost 20 years ago.

h/t: autoevolution

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