Mazda Miata With a Wii Steering Wheel Is Hilarious and Dangerous

The Nintendo-themed interior is charming, but driving it is sketchy, to say the least.

byLewin Day|
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TikTok user Tyler Atkin gave his Miata a Nintendo Wii steering wheel, with his video earning millions of views in the process.

The mod was straightforward. Atkin removed his Nardi steering wheel from the quick-release he had installed on the column. He then installed the tiny plastic Wii steering wheel instead, placing the Wiimote controller inside for full effect.

Originally designed for playing Mario Kart, the plastic wheel measures approximately 8 inches in diameter. It's absolutely tiny; for comparison's sake, most automotive wheels are well in excess of 13 inches in diameter.

The mod was originally done just for show, with Atkin's first video netting a full 3.1 million views on TikTok. Things only spiraled from there, with Atkin adding more Wii peripherals to the cabin. The gearstick got a Nunchuk controller, while the e-brake handle was replaced with a Wii baseball bat. Other nice touches include a WiiFit mat in the driver's footwell, and a Wiimote wrist strap on Atkin's keychain. The original stereo was also removed, replaced with a Wii console and screen so Atkin can literally play Mario Kart in the car.

Atkin did eventually succumbed to pressure to drive the car with the Wii wheel attached. He refers to it as "absolutely awful," unsurprising given that it's not fitted straight. There's minimal leverage available to turn the wheel, and the plastic is flexible, too. Atkin's Miata has power steering, which helps, but it's still incredibly difficult to turn, particularly at low speeds.

From the looks of things, the plastic wheel is only held on by two screws. The consequences of the wheel snapping off while driving would be disastrous.

The Miata has always been a platform for fun, with owners more willing than most to experiment and color outside the lines. We've seen stock Miatas climb rocky off-road trails, with others given hilarious art-deco treatments or transformed into old-school Grand Prix racers. Plus, the Internet always delivers a few LS-swapped examples boasting 1 kilohorsepower at the wheels.

The Wii aesthetic is a fresh take for the Miata, a car that's already had everything else done to it. Of course, now we just need to wait for the Xbox and PlayStation Miatas to show up, unless someone whips up a Sega version first, that is...

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