A Vinyl Wrap Turned This Bride’s Mazda Miata Into Her ‘Something Blue’

How do you liven up a 20-year-old NA-generation MX-5? Throw a nice matte wrap over its dated white paint.

byCait Knoll| UPDATED Dec 17, 2018 3:34 PM

Editor's note: Ahead of her wedding last October, supervising producer Cait Knoll received something of an unusual gift: her soon-to-be parents-in-law's first-generation, low-mileage Mazda Miata. It had been well-loved and cared-for over the last two decades, and was mechanically sound, but as with any car made more than 20 years ago, some parts of it looked better than others. The color of the beige interior was timeless; the white paint (with matching white wheels), well a little less so. Great for Radwood, less so for Maplewood.

So when the folks at 3M emailed us asking if we were interested in wrapping a car with one of their new vinyl wraps, we realized it might make for something in the way of a nice wedding gift for Cait and her new bride Kelli. We figured, hey, they can drop the car off before the wedding, and boom, it'll be ready when they get back from their honeymoon.

Unfortunately, as anyone who's ever gotten married can tell you, there's never enough time to get everything done in the lead-up to the big day—not least drive an NA Miata out to the depths of Brownsville, Brooklyn, where 3M's installer DTM Signs and Truck Wraps was located. Cait wound up only being able to make it out there after the whole wedding celebration was in the rear view mirror. The end result, though, was still the same: Cait and Kelli finally managed to get their "something blue" Mazda Miata wrapped and ready for them before the snow flew, and it now lives with them and their dog Oscar in New Jersey.