Manhart’s 750-HP 911 Turbo S Eats Supercars for Breakfast

With only basic parts, the Manhart's 992 Turbo S makes ballistic horsepower.

German tuning heavy-hitter Manhart released a power kit for the ballistic 992 Porsche 911 Turbo S. It was already plenty fast with a 2.6-second zero to 60 time on a measly 640 horsepower. Manhart bumped power to a serious 750 horsepower.

Manhart earned its stripes tuning BMW M cars for over 30 years, going as far back as tuning E30 M3s with turbocharged M20 inline-six engines and E39 M5 V8s. With modern cars becoming more powerful and easily tuneable, Manhart branched out into other brands, including Porsche. 

Manhart does the ECU tune in-house. These folks are as old school as Alpina or Hartge when it comes to German tuning shops. Manhart specifies the parts necessary for the 750 horsepower kit, outsourcing to experienced parts makers for the downpipes, exhaust, and lowering springs included in the kit.


This kit isn’t the most powerful one Manhart offers for a 911 Turbo S. More comprehensive kits are available for the previous generation 991 Turbo that bumps power to 850 horsepower. The TR750 kit is a reasonably basic bolt-on kit, making the final power figure even more impressive and the power gained over stock astounding. A gain of 90 horsepower with basic parts is no joke.

Considering that a mostly stock version of this car almost won Pikes Peak overall in 2022, landing in second place. That car was allowed serious tires and a race fuel ECU tune but had otherwise basic hardware. It proves how much of a weapon the new Turbo S can be in racing trim and shows its immense potential. The GT3 is faster on track, but I think that a well-tuned Turbo S can make a GT3 sweat.

With the 992 Turbo S being so new, there’s plenty to go in the aftermarket. Once tuners start upgrading the twin turbos and intercoolers, I’m willing to bet there will be serious power on tap. 

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