Ford Is Testing a Twin-Turbo Version of the Godzilla 7.3L V8: Report

Turbo Godzilla sounds both like an '80s monster movie and a good reason to hold off on buying a Ram 1500 TRX.

As tuners have demonstrated by force-feeding plenty of boost, Ford’s 7.3-liter “Godzilla” V8 truck engine isn’t even remotely close to the limit of its potential in stock, naturally aspirated form. That potential, though, may not be exclusively realized by the aftermarket, as a report has surfaced that alleges Ford is toying with a twin-turbo Godzilla described only as a “monster.”

Citing “sources familiar with the automaker’s research and development projects,” Ford Authority reports a pair of twin-turbo Godzilla test engines are currently being tested in a pair of Super Duty mules. Aside from the turbocharging itself, the only technical insight reported was the addition of two heat shields on the front corners of the engine, plus alterations to the hood, presumably for cooling.

Ford’s 7.3-liter “Godzilla” pushrod V8, Ford

The initial report didn’t specify the test engines’ power outputs, and only offered its sources’ description of the motor as a “monster.” Consider, though, that a Whipple supercharger kit can take the V8’s horsepower from 430 to 700 and torque from 475 pound-feet to 750—all with some parasitic loss from the supercharger. It’s not unimaginable that a boosted 7.3 without that drag could generate 800 horse, if not significantly more.

While Ford Authority couldn’t confirm the engine to be on track for production, the carmaker’s confirmation of a “Megazilla” performance crate engine gives us plenty of reason to be optimistic. That tells us there’s more in store for this pushrod powerhouse, whether that’s simply a hot-cam, high-compression NA version, or one harnessing the power of escargot-charging.

We reached out to Ford but it declined to comment on future products.

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