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Mercedes EQC Might Finally Come Stateside After Weird Last-Minute Reversal

Mercedes canceled its plans to sell the current EQC here last year. But there's always a next time.

Mercedes’ first serious electric vehicle, the EQC crossover, was originally supposed to establish Merc’s EQ sub-brand in North America. Earlier this year, though, after letting our editor-in-chief drive it, Mercedes pulled the plug at the last minute, vaguely blaming “market developments.” Still, word has it we’ll get access to the EQC eventually—just not in the form of the current model.

What’s sure to be Mercedes’ future electric volume seller will arrive in 2025 according to Automotive News, which cites dealers briefed by the manufacturer on the vehicle this month. Mercedes allegedly won’t sell the current model (unimpressive as range goes, in the low-200-mile window), but instead, it’ll put its best foot forward with the next-generation EQC. Supposedly it’ll be based on the smaller MMA (Mercedes Modular Architecture), not on a GLC-derived chassis or the EQS’s “EVA” platform. A similarly sized C-Class EV will also reportedly launch around the same time.

2021 Mercedes-Benz EQC, Mercedes-Benz

Photos of possible second-gen EQC prototypes published by InsideEVs indicate the SUV’s interior will take after the EQS’s, with expansive screens and highly—but hopefully not unnecessarily—digitized controls. Having better range than the smaller 2022 Mercedes-Benz EQB crossover seems a given, though just how much remains anyone’s guess.

EQCs may mirror the EQB’s trim and drivetrain structure with a front-wheel-drive base model, available all-wheel drive, a long-range option, and as is all but confirmed, an AMG performance version. It’ll probably be focused on tarmac performance, but after that C-Class All Terrain stunt, we can’t say for sure it won’t be an EQG-lite off-roader. AnythiMG’s possible.

We’ve reached out to Mercedes for comment on this report and will update with its response.

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