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Mercedes EQG Is a ‘Near-Production’ Electric G-Wagen Concept With a Motor at Each Wheel

It's got a newly developed solid axle out back that can accommodate electric drive.

Last we heard from the G-Wagen, it was busy being put off for 2022 due to V8 supply issues. How about a G-Wagen that doesn’t use a V8 then? Or any cylinders for that matter? Enter the Mercedes-Benz Concept EQG, a “near-production study” that previews the inevitable, all-electric G-Class. 

Even though it no longer relies on fossil fuels, the gasless G concept thankfully retains the off-roader’s iconic proportions. That hasn’t stopped Mercedes from throwing in quite a few sci-fi details, though. There are lights down the side, there are lights above the windshield, there are lights surrounding the light-up grille-that’s-not-a-grille, and, for some reason, there are circular lights on the mirror caps that mimic the vehicle’s iconic headlamps. 


In lieu of an exposed spare wheel like the regular version always rocked, this electric rendition features a squared-off storage box on the back that looks vaguely like the part of the phone charger that goes into the wall. Y’know, because electricity. Naturally, Mercedes says it’s a convenient place to store the EQG’s charging cables because electric cars never need spare tires. 

Powered by four electric motors (each dedicated to a single wheel), Mercedes says the EQG is still extremely capable off-road, featuring newly-developed independent front suspension and a rigid rear axle.


Mercedes recently announced plans to have its entire lineup be electric by 2030, a lineup that will, of course, consist of its legendary G-Wagen. Judging by the moderately batshit press photos/renders it released of the EQG, however, it appears that Mercedes thinks we will all be living in a dystopian young adult novel in nine years’ time. 


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