Buy Larry Ellison’s Apocalypse-Ready Mercedes-AMG G63

Live the life of a warlord in this fully-armored G63 capable of withstanding the blast of 4 pounds of C4.

byDave Bartosiak| UPDATED Apr 30, 2018 11:34 AM
Buy Larry Ellison’s Apocalypse-Ready Mercedes-AMG G63

Earlier this year, Mercedes announced that the G-Wagen was getting an updated interior. The timeless classic was getting reworked on the inside like so many other Mercedes models. If a new infotainment system and LED screens aren’t what you’re looking for in a G-Wagen, then perhaps some bomb protection will tickle your fancy. That’s right, dictators, war lords, and drug kingpins looking for timeless G-Wagon styling to go along with military-grade protection, look no further. You can buy a fully armored G63 for $250,000 on AutoTrader right now.

The 2014 Mercedes Benz-AMG G63 belongs to Oracle founder Sir Lawrence “Call me Larry” Ellison. Outfitten by Texas Armoring Corp, it comes with supplementary undercarriage improvised explosive device or bomb protection certified to withstand 4 pounds of C4. The doors have a deadbolt system and come with electric shocking door handles. Of course all the windows are made of 2-inch-thick bulletproof glass. Texas Armoring claims that the entire passenger compartment is “impervious to all handgun and sub-machine gun munitions.”

The G63 rolls on impact-resistant reinforced-premium security wheels wrapped in specialized run-flat tires. In case you’re doing some night-time missions, there’s premium Flir night vision that’s hooked up to a four-camera DVR mobile surveillance system. A built-in loudspeaker and flashing strobe lights are there in case you want to make your presence known.

The grey exterior features armored fenders and a lightweight armored hood. There’s also a stainless steel mesh grill and a polished brush guard up front. It looks like the 2014 G63 only has 7,679 miles on the odometer.

Considering that a new 2018 Mercedes-AMG G63 starts at $142,800, the extra $100k may be worth it for the piece of mind that nobody’s going to be able to shoot you up. Just be sure your driver is the one who hops out to refuel at the gas station because you’re going to be filling up a lot.