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Mercedes-Benz Gives the G-Class A Turbocharged Straight-Six Engine

This is the first time in the US the G-Class has been powered by something other than a V8.

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The Mercedes-Benz G-Class has been a staple in the offroading and luxury SUV community since it debuted 38 years ago in Germany. In 2002, the G-Class (or G-Wagen) made it stateside and it has slowly gained popularity. Last year 3,950 G-Wagens were sold and the model continues to gain popularity even though it is uncomfortable and not the best at taking a corner. 

Now Carscoop reports Mercedes-Benz is finally updating the aging model with a independent front suspension and a turbocharged straight-six. These may seem like minor improvements, but this is actually a huge leap for Mercedes-Benz as the G-Wagen has been powered by a naturally aspirated V8 since it debuted in the US in 2002. 

The new G-Wagen will also be four inches wider in an effort to improve the cabin and possibly to further stabilize the vehicle. The exterior lines and cosmetic touches are relatively the same, but an engine and cabin improvement are much welcomed. The G-Wagen will still utilize the body-on-frame construction, front and rear locking differentials and low-range gearing to keep the offroading enthusiasts (all five of them) happy.