Mercedes-Benz GLC F-Cell EQ Power to Debut at Frankfurt Auto Show

This hydrogen-electric plug-in hybrid SUV is still on track for production.

byEric Brandt| PUBLISHED Aug 30, 2017 10:25 AM
Mercedes-Benz GLC F-Cell EQ Power to Debut at Frankfurt Auto Show

Despite reports saying Daimler is scaling back their hydrogen fuel cell plans, it looks like they’re moving forward with the plug-in fuel-cell Mercedes-Benz GLC F-Cell EQ Power crossover. According to Motor Authority, the SUV with a mouthful of a name will make its official debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September.

Since Daimler understands the range and refueling limitations of hydrogen fuel-cell vehicles, they’ve done something clever with this GLC. Rather than being powered exclusively by hydrogen, it also incorporates an electric plug-in power source with a lithium-ion battery. If H2 fuel isn’t available, the GLC F-Cell EQ Power can run solely on electric power.

Of course, electric power has its own limitations. The GLC F-Cell EQ Power will only be able to go about 30 miles on all-electric power before it requires more juice, or more hydrogen. A prototype with a full battery charge and a full H2 tank was good for an impressive 300-mile range, however.

The Mercedes GLC F-Cell EQ Power will bridge the gap between Mercedes-Benz and the upcoming all-electric EQ sub-brand. At the Paris Motor Show last year, we saw the Mercedes-Benz Generation EQ crossover concept, which introduced us to the new brand that’s supposed to have 10 electric cars by 2022.

While it will technically be the first mass-produced vehicle of its kind, we’re expecting a low production run of the Mercedes-Benz GLC F-Cell EQ Power. The hydrogen fuel cell market isn’t ready yet, and EVs still struggle to gain any significant market share in the industry. Nevertheless, this SUV is a cool science experiment, and we’re looking forward to seeing how it's received.