It Takes 78 Mercedes-Benzes to Make a Chechen Mafia Wedding Procession, Apparently

And apparently, when you have that many Mercedes-Benzes in one place in Russia, you can park wherever the hell you want. 

YouTube / Fresh Tube

It sounds like the setup to a bad joke: How many Mercedes-Benzes does it take to make up a Chechen mafia wedding procession?

It's not. It's a legitimate question...and it's one we can answer: 


78 Mercedes-Benz S-Classes, G-Wagens, GL-Classes, and ML/GLE-Classes. Actually, 78 is a conservative figure, considering the camera appears to be mounted in a black G-Wagen that wouldn't be out of place in the assembling parade of Benzes.

The video, which was uploaded to YouTube on February 7th (though it may date back earlier) and found its way to Reddit's /r/cars forum earlier today, purportedly depicts a line of cars blocking a good half-mile of road somewhere in the former U.S.S.R for a wedding. Obviously, we don't know if that's actually the case, but the matching pink decoration adorning many of the vehicles and the clusters of men formalwear certainly suggests the fleet of Benzes has gathered for some sort of classy social occasion. Even when you know how many cars are involved, it's still worth watching...because you can't wrap your head around how long a line 78 Mercedes-Benzes forms until you see it firsthand.

When you watch it, though...see if you can spot the one guy in the caravan who clearly hasn't been made yet.