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This Drone POV Tour of the Mercedes-Benz Museum Is a Stunning Display of Flight Skill

We're not sure what's more impressive—the cars, or the pilot.

While almost every automaker has its own museum of noteworthy cars from years gone by, not everyone does it like Mercedes-Benz. Of course, with a history as rich as the Stuttgart company’s, there are typically more all-time classic models to pull from. That’s what happens when you’ve made cars for nearly 140 years.

The Mercedes-Benz Museum in Germany is up there on the list of greatest collections and, unlike Audi’s secret bunker of cars, it’s (usually) open to the public. In all, the facility is over 177,000 square feet with a headcount of more than 160 vehicles. And while these are both quantifiable, one aspect that can’t be measured is the gorgeous architecture that houses each collectible. At its center, you can see from one story to the next like an expansive parking garage. When you’re engrossed in an exhibit, though, it’s nothing short of a Parisian art display.

This incredible single-drone video tour through the museum provides a glimpse into Benz’s legacy. From some of the first horseless carriages to state-of-the-art racing cars and electric vehicles, there’s no denying the progress that’s been made in the past century-plus. Especially when you consider that the views offered by the use of an advanced camera drone would’ve been impossible to pull off without CGI less than 20 years ago. We’re looking for specs on the rig used here, and we’ll update when we get them.

With the global crisis placing everybody and everything on lockdown, the Mercedes-Benz Museum is temporarily closed. That’s the whole reason they shot this video, though—to give people across the globe a stellar two minutes of entertainment.

It’s hard to pick out a favorite car, so I’ll go ahead and say that my favorite camera maneuver is when the drone zooms down from above and through the SL Gullwing. It’s a subtle flex on Mercedes’ part, and really, it’s just a wonderful shot.

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