Take a Virtual Tour of the Petersen Automotive Museum’s Stunning Vault From Your Couch

The museum is also offering educational classes for children.

byJonathon Klein|
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Our tolerance for Moana and Frozen only goes so far in this time of household quarantine. Thankfully, The Petersen Automotive Museum out of Los Angeles, California has enthusiast’s backs and will offer a restful break to “Let It Go” on repeat with streamed tours of its Vault and educational classes designed for children who aren’t in school. You’re welcome.

According to the release, the virtual Vault tour is designed “For enthusiasts looking for digital entertainment while practicing social distancing,” and as such, “The Petersen Automotive Museum will stream Vault tours during its temporary closure.” Led by The Petersen’s Collection Manager Dana Williamson, “the hour-long digital tour provides rare access to never-before-seen race cars, movie cars, and culturally significant vehicles from the Vault.”

“Although we wish patrons could be visiting us at this time, we understand the risks and wanted to offer a new experience for fans of the museum to enjoy from the comfort of home,” says Petersen Executive Director Terry L. Karges, adding “The benefit of offering digital tours is that we are now able to extend the stories of our collection to a global audience and give our patrons more access to the cars than ever before.”

In addition to the digital Vault tours, The Petersen has begun to offer streamable educational programs, including classes on Force and Motion, Balloon Cars, History of the Car, a tutorial on license plates with an activity that lets children create their own plates, a storytime class reading “Go, Dog, Go!”, designing your own animal car, and two classes on design and car model creation. Of the educational program, Karge said, “The Petersen Automotive Museum offers students an opportunity to gain an education during school closure and in between their digital course loads. Our special programming will broaden kids’ knowledge and expose them to the world of the automobile.”

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While the child-focused education is free to stressed-out parents looking to satiate their stir-crazy children and can be accessed through the museum’s website here, the online Vault tour will cost viewers $3. The cost goes to supporting the museum’s staff during its closure and ensuring the educational classes remain free, an admirable thing to contribute to and saves you from memorizing every verse of “How Far I’ll Go.” For now.

The Petersen Automotive Museum will be closed to the public until March 31st, however, given “shelter in place” orders could hit Los Angeles in the coming days, the museum’s closure could last much longer. 

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