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Take a Behind-the-Scenes Tour of Audi’s Secret Car Collection

Featuring Le Mans winners, Group B rally champions, and more, this collection isn't open to the general public.

Are you a diehard classic Audi fan? Then you’ve got to visit the company’s home base in Ingolstadt, Germany, where next to its office and corporate facilities the automaker has a jam-packed heritage museum. What’s more, it also hosts a giant storage facility hidden away from the general public where it holds some of the company’s most prized historical artifacts and original vehicles, which the crew at Hoonigan recently got to check out. 

This secret locker of treasured Audis is on-par with Mercedes-Benz’s Stuttgart museum as well as BMW’s “Welt” collection in Munich. Perhaps most notable, however, is the variety in Audi’s possession. The stash consists of everything that’s made the company what it is today, from vintage pieces of the Auto Union era to the rarest RS cars of the early 1990s. Oh, and don’t forget about the dominant Le Mans prototypes from the 2000s.

Some of these are still preserved in their original condition, like several of the endurance racers that retain many of the battle scars from when they last left the racetrack. This upholds their authenticity and makes them all the more desirable for achievements like 13 Le Mans victories, 11 DTM championships, and plenty more rally wins.

But the storage facility isn’t just full of classic cars. It also houses a plethora of original parts that support many of these legendary models, including original turbofan wheel covers for some of Audi’s legendary Group B rally cars.

All in all, it’s a must-visit location for the lifelong Audi lover—if you can get in, of course.