All Wheel Drive Audi Quattro Burnouts Are The Best Kind of Burnouts

Like music to our ears.

byCaleb Jacobs| PUBLISHED Jul 15, 2017 3:07 PM
All Wheel Drive Audi Quattro Burnouts Are The Best Kind of Burnouts

As someone who spends all day everyday on the internet watching car videos and reading automotive tidbits, things tend to get a bit ... stale. You can only watch so many cars drift around a circuit or do a barrel roll without getting used to high thrill action, so when something pops up that stands out from the humdrum norm, you can bet we're all over it. The video in question for today features this legendary Group B Audi Quattro S1 raising hell from a standstill, roasting all four tires in a soon-to-be smoky garage. What's better than that?

Not much. Whereas we usually get our kicks from watching this same car fly through European rally stages, this does plenty for our daily dose of vehicular stimuli. Slinging tire shreds and making turbo noises seems to be this things specialty, and when it makes music like this, you won't find anyone complaining. 

It's nice to see motorsport classics like this being used instead of sitting under a tarp. As the Quattro is one of the most influential cars of the '80s, it's got plenty of history, so rest assured this is a special treat for rally nuts like us.

We're thankful for the guys brave enough to stand through the endless smoke and toxic fumes to deliver this footage to us, so we'll forgive the goofy intro.

Watch and listen as this historic beast fights for grip against a measly strap that somehow keeps it back, at least for the time being. We hope to see more from this machine, and if we do, you can be sure that you'll be seeing it again here.

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