This 630-HP LS’d Nissan Silvia S13 Pickup is the Definition of Driftmania

It’s the best 240SX ute there is.

byCaleb Jacobs|
Nissan News photo

While most people fret about not being able to find a clean, unmolested Nissan 240SX, this guy decided to take a different route. Instead of working to bring it back to original or simply throwing a widebody kit on and calling it a "drift missile," he reinvented the wheel and created this rowdy 630-horsepower LS7-powered ute. Packed with plenty of trick, purpose built equipment, the S13 pickup brings the term "engineered to slide" to the track.

Before the car ever starts its engine in the video below, you'll note that there isn't much Nissan left in this 240. It's been fitted with a Mitsubishi Galant front end and Rocket Bunny body kit, reshaping its original lines to look more like Frankenstein's monster than the typical hoonmobile. Out back, it's been chopped and massaged to sport a pickup bed of sorts, mainly to house the monster rear wing that's been fitted -- it's definitely not one you'd want to get smacked in the face with. Needless to say, this is another level of custom that's unique to the drift community.

The car ditches the asthmatic four-cylinder for a naturally aspirated 7.2-liter LS7 that produces 630 horsepower. And thanks to a nifty tune, it belches out more crackles and pops than your favorite breakfast cereal. This wicked powerplant is more than enough to send the stripped out machine from one reverse entry to another, and if we're honest, it's better to have displacement at your disposal than loads of unpredictable turbo lag in an application like this. 

Watch, and more importantly, listen to this Mad Max machine shuffle around a track with all the power you could want on tap. 

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