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Own This Rally-Bred Audi S2 That Finally Made Its Way to North America

It's got a turbo five-cylinder and a six-speed manual.

If you’ve been searching for an Audi Quattro but ended up frustrated with the prices you’re seeing, we might have a slightly better option for you. This 1996 Audi S2 Coupe is up for auction right now on Bring a Trailer in Quebec, Canada, with a current bid that leads us to believe it could go for some serious dough.

The S2 was the first car in the now-legendary line of Audi’s “S” series vehicles. This 1996 example came from the factory with a 227-horsepower, turbocharged 2.2-liter inline-five, and a six-speed manual transmission. 

Bring a Trailer

Though the odometer is showing almost 162,000 kilometers (just shy of 101,000 miles), the car looks mint. To be fair, it’s had some mods in the form of an aftermarket bumper, H&R coilovers, and 18-inch Alustar wheels, but the paint is even and the interior shows little wear. 

Normally, we’d follow a post like this with a caveat, like “you can’t afford it,” or “it needs a substantial overhaul,” but that won’t be the case here. In the case of this Audi, you might be wondering how a car from 1996 that currently resides in Canada could be imported to the U.S., but there’s good news. This car’s 1995 production date makes it ripe for an American Cars & Coffee event, since it should, in theory, meet the import criteria.

Other than the potential final selling price, the only real downside to this car appears to be age-related maintenance. The seller says that it had a timing belt service done in 2008 at around 81,000 miles. It had an inspection at that time as well, but the seller says that due to the Audi’s age, it’ll need another inspection when it reaches its new owner.

At the time of this post, the Audi S2 is sitting at a current bid of $4,100. With six days left on the clock, there’s plenty of time for this car to get close to its rally-bred Quattro cousin’s price tag, especially in this condition. 

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