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Audi Displays Android OS in their Cars at Google Conference

Audi shows off Android running in their latest Q8 concept, meaning that Google really has taken over.

Audi unveiled changes to its infotainment systems today with Android’s latest operating system installed in the Audi Q8 Sport concept. This reveal shows Audi’s focus on seamless device integration with their vehicles, making it easier for drivers to keep their eyes on the road while staying connected. The reveal took place at Google’s annual I/O conference and festival, which celebrates Android’s latest and greatest innovations; it was only fitting that Audi would show its latest software tech there. Google’s moves lately have shown that its partnership with the automotive industry is getting stronger, and we’re excited to see how the tech super company will integrate with cars in the future. 

Android Auto’s latest functionality will allow Audi owners to use a slew of mobile apps that are now tailored for use on the go and in the car. The Q8 concept present at the event demonstrated how easily accessible apps such as Google Assistant and Spotify are when paired with the new infotainment system. The Android OS will also be integrated into Audi’s virtual cockpit, so users won’t be confined to using the touchscreen for all of their Google-related needs. The new infotainment system will also come with some user tweaks such as the ability to use Google Maps instead of Audi’s onboard navigation system, and a notification center that will let drivers view new messages (hopefully safely). 

Audi claims that more car-friendly applications are on the way, and it is looking to expand its partnership with Google for the coming years. With more manufacturers incorporating this kind of tech into their cars, being social on the go is about to get a lot easier.