Google Maps Adds Feature That Reminds You Where You Parked

(Insert obligatory “Dude, Where’s My Car?” reference here.)

byKyle Cheromcha|
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Parking—what a pain, amirite? If you're not spending hours hunting for a spot because that one jerk in a BMW decided to straddle two spaces, then you're stumbling blindly through a Bermuda triangle of a parking garage searching in vain for your missing car. Thankfully, that second part could be a thing of the past if Google has its way. In the latest update of Google Maps released today, the company has added a feature to mark your parking spot and share it with friends, hopefully ending the "Was it P2 or P3?" debate once and for all.

If you open up the app and tap the blue location dot, you'll see a new option to "Set as parking location" (iOS) or "Save your parking" (Android). Once that's selected, you'll see the classic little "P" icon appear on the map, and tapping on that brings up a host of new options that would have saved Elaine's goldfish and gotten George to his parents' anniversary on time. You can set the garage level, make a custom note ("On top of that asshole's Camry"), share the location with anyone, and even set a timer so you'll beat the parking police back to your car.

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Google already offers an automatic parking detection feature, which uses the Bluetooth connection to your car to determine when and where you've parked and adds a small icon to the map. But this new full-featured addition aims help everyone out, even if you're still rocking a cassette deck.

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