Watch a Jeep Wrangler Push a BMW Into Its Parking Spot

Well, it’s not like the BMW’s driver could’ve parked it right the first time.

byAaron Brown|
BMW News photo

BMW drivers don't have the best reputation when it comes to parking successfully between the white lines, and the lackluster job this 5 Series driver did doesn't help. A video shared on YouTube last week shows a modified Jeep Wrangler nudging a 5 Series into the lines of a parking spot, because apparently the driver of the Bimmer was in such a rush he or she couldn't manage the incredibly difficult feat of parking correctly

From the clip, it looks like the Jeep causes some decent damage to the BMW's rear driver's side door. We can't tell from the video, but we'd guess that the Wrangler didn't suffer nearly as bad as the 5er. 

Now, damaging other people's property because they park like fools isn't reasonable behavior by any means, but it surely wouldn't hurt society if everyone just parked like civilized beings.  The lines are there for a reason, people. Get it together. 

Also, don't use your car to push someone else's without their permission. That's even less acceptable. 

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