Watch This Jeep Wrangler Climb A Vertical Rock Wall

Short wheelbase for the win.

We’ll say this much, there probably aren’t any other trucks that could manage this with such comparatively light modifications for rock crawling. Jeep Wranglers are basically anachronisms into today’s automotive marketplace, and people constantly worry that the next iteration will somehow lose its ability to do things like climb a vertical rock face. That doesn’t seem to be the case with the upcoming 2018 Wrangler (fancy new interior aside) but its always a good idea to watch a prime example of just how capable these boxy beauties really are. Consider it your homework for solid axle appreciation class.

Still, this kind of thing is no guarantee—too much throttle and the Wrangler could easily tip back, not enough and it’s not going anywhere. The first time I watched this clip, I really didn’t understand how he was going to pull it off, but it turns out this rock formation and the toughed-up TJ were made for each other. The wall slopes away at just the right height to make an attempt possible, while the Jeep’s incredibly short wheelbase and generous approach and departure angles prevent it from high-centering or snagging an edge. 

Just as the Jeep is about to go vertical, its front axle crests the top of the wall and it magically begins to rise. Within a few seconds, a truck that started out at eye level is now a good eight feet above the camera. The man recording says it all at the end with an impressed chuckle: “That’s cool. That’s way cool.”

Like we said, this spot in particular seems to be a Wrangler speciality. Here’s a video of a larger, more highly-modified model tackling the same spot with brutal efficiency: