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Watch This Jeep Cherokee Climb Up a Nearly Vertical Rock Face Easy As Pie

Whelp, it's official: The Cherokee XJ will forever be the best off-roader.

The Jeep Cherokee XJ is beloved by almost all off-road enthusiasts. With a bullet proof 4.0-liter inline-six making 193 horsepower and full-bore four-wheel-drive capabilities, the boxy SUV could easily outlive you—espeically when the road gets rough. Unfortunately, Jeep stopped production of the XJ in 2001 and eventually brought back the name in 2014 with the new Cherokee…though with a very different model. 

Anyways, Facebook user and clear off-road expert Josh McBride uploaded a video of his adventures in Sand Hollow, Utah. The video starts with his heavily modified Cherokee at the base of this seemingly vertical ascent and ends with the XJ at the top. Whatever the case may be, McBride must have a freakish crawl ratio on his truck to achieve such an ascent.

Unfortunately, the details revolving around Josh’s build are limited at this time, but we at The Drive will be sure to keep you posted if we obtain more information.

UPDATE: According to the owner, Josh McBride, the Cherokee XJ was built by Fat Bob’s Garage of Layton Utah. Some of the build’s highlights include “Rock Krawler Three Link Long Arms, BDS Springs, G2 Axle and 4.56 gears, Torq-masters front and rear Aussie lockers, 15×10 Fuel Offroad wheels and 35″ Cooper STT tires.” The build also includes a flurry of cosmetic improvements that you can see on his Facebook page.