Watch a Valiant Granny Thwart a Robbery With Her Jeep Grand Cherokee

This no-craps-given type of grandma took matters into her own hands, and she succeeded.

byMarco Margaritoff|
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When armed robbers followed this "Ouma" (grandmother in Afrikaans) into her gated property in Gauteng, South Africa last Monday, they probably expected their window-tapping routine to work as expected. After all, we can imagine that brandishing a pistol near someone's face usually results in cooperation. However, what they didn’t expect was that this particular Ouma was in no mood to cooperate.

According to The Citizen, when this grandmother and her granddaughter arrived at their home a white vehicle with several armed men pulled up behind them. As this video shows, the driver and occupants reacted quickly and kept their doors locked. After ignoring the robbers' shenanigans for a few moments, they eventually decided to fight back by reversing the Jeep Grand Cherokee into the hijackers’ getaway vehicle.

It's at that point that the gang of bandits realized they had picked the wrong would-be victim and rapidly reassessed their plans. They rushed back to their vehicle, but the infuriated woman had no intentions of quitting and kept ramming their car backward until both vehicles seemingly landed on the neighbor's front yard.

The offscreen voices in the above clip are speaking in Afrikaans, and are presumed to be those of the grandmother herself and of her granddaughter. The independent crimefighter apparently even mentions that she wished she had "rammed the robbers’ vehicle even harder and more often than she did."

Taking your life into your own hands is something each person has to decide on their own, and opting to fight armed attackers with a steering wheel isn’t advisable, but we have to admit that this is one courageous woman. This Ouma refused to give her Jeep away or put her granddaughter's life in danger merely because a group of pistol-carrying criminals asked her to.

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