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World’s Fastest ZJ Jeep Grand Cherokee Runs 9 Seconds in the Quarter-Mile Without any Boost

This old Jeep may be ugly, but it's way faster than a Trackhawk.

When you think of fast Jeep Grand Cherokees, naturally, your mind is going to gravitate to the Hellcat-powered Trackhawk. Boasting 707 horsepower and capable of an 11.6 second quarter mile time, it’s faster than any Jeep has any right to be.

Well, it seems someone forgot to tell these guys. MSP Motorsports has built what they call the “EEP,” a ZJ—yes, the first Grand Cherokee—that can best the Trackhawk’s quarter mile times without even breathing hard. In fact, by the end of the video, it’s running deep into the nine-second range.

With no front bumper, grille, or headlights, holes in the front fenders for the abbreviated exhaust, and a sheet-metal hood scoop, the EEP won’t win any beauty contests. That doesn’t matter one iota, though, because this thing is brutally fast.

MSP claims that this is the fastest ZJ in the world, and apparently, there is more than one sub eleven-second Jeep Grand Cherokee ZJ out there. That’s a world we’re more than happy to live in.

While the previous world record was held by a supercharged 408 cubic inch stroker with a healthy dose of nitrous added, MSP’s EEP is running a normally-aspirated 387 stroker. That record was 10.8 seconds; the EEP was able to squeak by with a 10.756 second pass to beat the record.

Things really started to get fun when the crew at MSP began adding nitrous to the equation. With a 150 shot, the EEP was able to run a 9.87 at 136.63 miles per hour. That’s a world record that we’re sure will stand for quite a long time…at least, until MSP decides to add a supercharger, more cubes, more nitrous—or all three.