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Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk Turns Into Massive, RWD Burnout Machine With Pull of a Fuse

Burnouts for days.

While you technically can roast all four tires at once with the 707-horsepower Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk, you need one hell (…cat?) of a meaty tow strap to hold the all-wheel-drive beast back to pull it off. It’s much easier, of course, to make the Jeep smoke only two meats at once. Luckily, YouTube is here to show us how.

YouTuber Mod2Fame originally made this most wonderful discovery with a Dodge Durango, which had a fuse that you could pull in order to trick it into rear-wheel-drive mode and facilitate burnouts. Fortunately, the Durango’s brother-from-the-same-mother Grand Cherokee Trackhawk has the exact same fuse to pull. 

Just put the transmission into first, and ta-da! Hellcat-powered burnouts all day! 

Bonus: After annihilating the rear tires in a cloud of supercharged fury, you still have two fresh ones up front to kill, and plenty of space in the rear of this thing to bring along a full extra set of wheels. 

Screencap via Mod2Fame

The MotorEnvy Cars and Coffee event Mod2Fame is hanging around is no slouch, either. In addition to a Rambo Lambo, they’ve got two (of only ten ever made) utterly insane Italdesign Aztecs under one roof! 

The Aztec was a Guigaro-designed concept car that was actually put into limited production, complete with its two separate passenger and driver’s compartments, external control panel and other I-can’t-believe-you-made-this details. Why can’t more concepts become reality? Why can’t I have a Porsche Panamericana? These are the important questions I need answered, folks.