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Witness This Old Jeep Wrangler Climb a Dang Vertical Canyon Wall

Climbing walls: It's a Jeep thing.

Though it’s updated inside and out, the all-new 2018 Jeep Wrangler still carries the iconic truck’s essential DNA—and hopefully, the uncanny ability of its forebearers to climb literal walls as showcased in this video out of Sand Hollow State Park in Utah.

Of course, the TJ Wrangler being tractor-beamed out of this small canyon is a mite upgraded from factory spec. Starting with a Rubicon model, owner @chuck.converse on Instagram added some beefy 42-inch tires, upgraded axles and shafts, a new suspension, and a bunch of other goodies to turn his Jeep into a rock-crawling champion. It’s the kind of rig that makes even the toughest obstacle look puny.

Still, it’s hard to believe that he’s going to make it up this particular rock face when the video starts out. It’s the kind of wall that would send a hiker searching for another route, let alone an actual vehicle. The only things that hint at the possibility of success are the tire tracks left during previous attempts. And yet, he’s at the top less than thirty effortless seconds after the clip begins.

Of course, that climb is anything but easy despite the lack of drama. The surface was wet with rain—another video shows him stuck about halfway up, all four wheels slowly rotating on the damp slickrock—and even the slightest slip in that spot could trigger a disastrous rollover. This kind of stunt requires experience, extreme precision, and the kind of bravery that invites less-than-family-friendly anatomical comparisons.

The first JL Jeep Wranglers should be delivered to eager owners any day now, though it might be a bit longer before someone gets one built enough to tackle a trail like this. As this video shows, it’s got some awfully big shoes to fill.