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Watch Two Jeeps Trap a Mercedes-Benz After Its Driver Parks Like a Fool

The Mercedes driver's reaction is priceless.

It’s not that hard to park in between the lines, folks. When you don’t, you waste space. And whether intentional or not, you end up inconveniencing other motorists, giving them a reason to hate you. How those other motorists with that hate sometimes varies, depending on who’s doing the messing. While some people will just drive away and find another spot, the two Jeep drivers in this video apparently decided to mess around with the Mercedes driver. 

A video shared on YouTube Tuesday shows two Wrangler drivers parking their off-roaders within inches of a Mercedes-Benz GLA-Class that’s parked in two spaces at a Best Buy parking lot. It appears that the idea here was that if the Benz driver was going to park like a douche, the Wrangler drivers could one-up that performance and give him a taste of his own medicine.

When the Benz driver returns, the person is forced to crawl through the crossover’s hatch to get to the driver’s seat…but the more entertaining part is watching him freak out.

At least these guys didn’t damage the car, like the driver of a very similar-looking Jeep in another recent parking revenge video.