Mercedes G-Wagen Shows Its Toughness by Driving Home After Rolling in Off-Road Crash

Yes, they can do much more than look pretty at high-end shops and restaurants.

byChris Teague| UPDATED May 12, 2020 1:35 PM
Mercedes G-Wagen Shows Its Toughness by Driving Home After Rolling in Off-Road Crash

At some point in time, rich people began acquiring rugged off-road vehicles simply because they looked macho and oftentimes exclusive. Land Rover is a great example of what can happen when a brand with humble beginnings is given the celebrity treatment, but it's safe to say that the Mercedes-Benz G-Class has become a pillar of the "rich AF" persona much to the credit of the Kardashians. Not every G-Wagen is a pavement princess, however, as this man's Facebook post shows.

Barry Doyle is the proud owner of the Austrian-built military SUV, but he's upgraded his unit with a snorkel, lift kit, and beadlock wheels to bump its off-road abilities. But even that wasn’t enough to keep him out of trouble—but his little oops sure showed him (and us) just how tough these things are.

The off-road park where Doyle was recently off-roading has an uneven climb that ultimately turned the G-Wagen onto its side, leaving it like an overturned semi-truck. Or is it a beached whale? The photos he shared to Facebook look dramatic, but Doyle can be thankful that appearances are much worse than reality.

From the Facebook post:

I've always said the G-wagon was a tank, but I think the rest of the folks at the offroad park agree now as well lol. I added a set of snorkels, some rock sliders, a suspension lift, some beadlock wheels, etc to be able to do some serious offroading. Things got a little hairy in one spot lol. It broke the snorkel on that side, but other than that, just sat on the face of the beadlocks.

Turned it back over and drove up the rest of the way (a bit more carefully) and kept riding into the evening. Drove back home just fine. Alignment is still good and everything. Didn't even break the passenger mirror or fender skirt b/c it was all in the rut. Just needs a wash and a passenger-side snorkel. Edit: Added a pic after the wash of the other side for the nonbelievers.

The damage was limited to a dent in the fender and a broken snorkel, but Doyle notes that the way the SUV landed over a rut in the ground prevented further damage to the side mirror and fender skirt. After turning the G right side up, Doyle said he continued wheeling for the rest of the day before driving it home without any issues. Allegedly, the Benz didn’t even need an alignment after landing on its side, and claims that the rollover was gentle and that all of the people inside were comfortably held in place by their seatbelts.

You could argue that he caught a lucky break due to the SUV's placement on the terrain, but it’s hard to ignore the G-Wagen’s toughness. Sure, a Jeep Wrangler or maybe even a Ford F-150 Raptor could've caught a lucky break too, but they surely wouldn't have done so with this much style.

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