Half-Naked Man Crashes Dodge Challenger Into Store Because He ‘Needed Beer’

Robert Mason wasn’t wearing pants when he allegedly sped his car into the store at 40 miles per hour.

byAaron Brown|
Dodge News photo

An Ohio man allegedly purposefully drove his Dodge Challenger into closed shop Sunday morning in Rocky River, Ohio leaving one store worker injured, according to local news station Fox 8 Cleveland

Robert Mason, 45, was dealing with issues related to his military service work when the incident occurred, according to the report. Upon impact, Mason's Challenger was reportedly moving at around 40 miles per hour. When he exited the car pantless, he told the store worker that he "needed a beer," according to Fox 8. 

Once Rocky River police arrived, they managed to surround him while he remained inside the beer cooler, according to the report. After attempting to entice the cops to shoot him, the police managed to get Mason out of the cooler without issue or injury. 

A shop worker had a close call when the Challenger first came through the entrance. The deli case he was standing near was able to push him out of harm's way, according to the report. 

Mason is facing charges for operating a vehicle under the influence and reckless operation, according to the report.