A West Virginia Jeep Dealer Made its Own Off-Road Course

Trail Rated is more than just a badge here.

byEric Brandt|
A West Virginia Jeep Dealer Made its Own Off-Road Course

Sure, you could test drive your Jeep on the highway, like any other schmuck, but does that really tell you what you need to know about its capability? Victory Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram in Kingwood, West Virginia—which already has the bragging rights that come with an indoor showroom big enough for almost 20 cars—now has their very own off-road course.

There is, however, one major catch: You’re stuck riding shotgun while someone from the dealer does the driving (which is probably a good idea on their part). It’s really more of a demonstration than a test drive.

This dealership sits on ten acres of rugged terrain. The course, which began as the brainstorm of a Wrangler enthusiast salesman, goes right through the woods behind the building; it’s a muddy, rustic trail about three-quarters of a mile long, and is made to show off a Jeep's capabilities, without doing anything too crazy. It’s mainly intended for Wranglers, but they’ll take you through the course in any model you want, as long as it's a Jeep (Rams are too big and Dodges and Chryslers aren’t allowed back there for obvious reasons).

This is not only a great idea for demonstrating Jeep toughness, but in rural West Virginia, it’s a display of real-life practicality that some West Virginians need. If you live in the mountains, just getting up your driveway in a harsh winter can be an off-road experience in itself.

Thanks to clever ideas like this, Victory Chrysler in the little town of Kingwood is ranked number one in customer satisfaction in a four-state region, beating out about eighty other FCA dealers. Check it out for yourself if you’re in the market for a Jeep in the Appalachian region.